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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just Love Coffee Roasters and Showing Support

Adoption is expensive....very expensive, and I am so thankful for coming across Just Love Coffee Roasters, which sells high quality,  fair trade, organic coffee with a portion of the proceeds going to help families who are involved in their own adoption journey.  When the founder and his wife were going through own adoption process (they adopted from Ethiopia) they were frustrated by the lack of fundraising opportunities to help with their adoption expenses, and so started the fundraising program with Just Love Coffee Roasters.  If you feel called to help (or just want some really good coffee :)  ), there is a link on the lefthand side of  my blog.

That being said, I feel like I need to say something else about showing support.  We are grateful beyond words for every penny, nickle, and dime that we should receive, and 100% of it will go directly to our adoption expenses.  But I want to be really clear and say that showing support does not only involve financial aid.  I have the feeling this whole journey is not only going to be the biggest blessing of our lives, but also one of the hardest and Chris and I are fully prepared to hit every challenge, whether it is financial or otherwise, head on.  But we are going to need the support and  prayers and thoughts of as many people as we can get to help us get through it.  So even if you don't think someone can help financially please don't let that be a hinderence in sending out a prayer request or a link to this blog or whatever because support comes in all shapes and sizes, all forms, and sometimes from the most unlikeliest of places.  With God ALL things are possible!!! 

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